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Anthony Abis

I’m Anthony, the founder of BU-Evolution.

After many years of launching new businesses, I got sick of having to compete all the time. I began to suffer from fear and anxiety – and started to withdraw and work on my own more and more, which didn’t suit me. I frequented many spiritual and philosophical groups, looking for another way of living. I watched lots of YouTube videos, and then it dawned on me that people kept telling me what to do. I also had no idea if the people making the videos had even experienced what they were telling me to do.

Around the same time I heard a great phrase from South Africa – ubuntu – which can be translated as “I am because of we”. I felt a strong desire to build a community in which people could help each other by sharing their experiences. In the spirit of ubuntu, I began to talk to my friends about these ideas in early 2018. The more we talked, the more we realised that we’d had similar experiences – and a common theme emerged, we wanted to help people to help each other.

We’ve launched this website as a wellness platform on which all of this can happen. It includes a blog which we will update regularly. We’re looking for people who would like to share their stories of how they’ve improved their well-being.

I hope you’ll join the Evolution. Please become a member, post your comments on our blog and get involved.

Best wishes


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