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A word from our founder

Welcome to our teachers, clients, and partners.

I'd like to introduce you to B.U. Evolution.

A platform to maintain individual identity while evolving together as an organism.”


Hi, I'm Anthony. In 2020, during lockdown, I had a particularly tough couple of weeks in June where I split with my long-term partner, lost my job as head of sales for an engineering company, and the cherry on top, I ended up in the hospital for three operations on a particularly stubborn kidney stone. I call it my spiritual slap, my awakening.

During recovery, I witnessed myself being elated, not depressed, as I'd assumed.

I decided to convalesce in Portugal, regroup, and ask myself, after 50 years of existence, "What do I really want out of life?"

The answer came fast enough: Connection, community, and collective growth through well-being. I contacted a few yoga teachers and well-being practitioners that I knew and had the bare bones of a live class platform.

After studying integral relationships with Martin Ucik and having followed many spiritual practices over a couple of decades, I was ready to build a platform for teachers to shine their light without preaching.

The importance of us working as an organism and B.U. being just a stage was paramount.

Now everyone can really grow collectively, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Our core essence is diversity of well-being classes from teachers around the globe, inclusivity, affordability, and communication.

You can have as many sessions on our subscription package for just £10.00 per month (the price of one single physical yoga class these days), and by joining our affiliate program, you can earn from anyone that joins our platform through your efforts.

Recently, I learned of the word "Holon." To be individual and part of everything. And alas, we oscillate together and grow, we maintain our universal uniqueness.

Our Values


BU Evolution is a platform for everyone, no matter your background or identity. Our aim is to build an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome. A space where we can learn and grow together as a unit while at the same time honouring everyone's individuality. It's in the name. Be you.

Our History


In 2020, Anthony lost his job, his partner, and developed a kidney condition, leading him to search for recovery in Portugal. While there, he realised his passion for philosophy, spirituality, and wellbeing and created the idea for B.U. Evolution.


In 2021, B.U. Evolution was founded as a platform to promote wellbeing through communication and learning, led by experienced teachers. The company is built on a new business model that prioritises people over profit. The first prototype launched in May 2021, and has been gaining momentum since then.


In 2022, Anthony assembled a team to help bring B.U Evolution to the next level and developed an affiliate system to align with the  ethos of growth on all levels. After testing and delays, a new and improved platform was launched on January 2nd, 2023.


In 2023 B.U. Evolution is getting bigger and better. With you?

It's about YOU!

Enjoy unlimited access to our online classes and cancel anytime you wish to.

B.U. Evolution Membership

Join for £10 per month 

Cancel anytime 

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

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Decreases anxiety & depression

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Reduces stress levels 

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Improves attention & concentration

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