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The new blueprint 
for a conscious evolution

A community of co-creative facilitators covering all aspects of live, interactive wellbeing classes from around the world.

A place to make new friends and grow together 

 The one stop live wellbeing platform

Access as many classes as you like 

 Just £14.99 / Month

What's on?

 Simply browse through the calendar to see what's available on any given day. We offer classes at all times of day, so whether you're an early riser or a night owl, you'll be able to find a class that fits your schedule. Don't see a class that works for you? Keep an eye on the calendar as new classes are added regularly!

Better Health

Achieving optimal well-being through regular self-care practices all around.

Better Fitness

Improving physical strength and endurance through consistent exercise routines.

Better Nutrition

Better Sleep

Enhancing physical and mental restoration through good sleep hygiene and a healthy sleep schedule.

Better Mindfulness 

Finding inner peace and purpose by incorporating mindfulness practices.

Why B.U. Evolution?
The 5 dimensions of your wellbeing

Fueling the body with essential nutrients through a well-rounded and balanced diet.

What our clients say

Meet Our Teachers

We are proud to have a diverse team of teachers from all around the globe, each bringing their own unique perspective and expertise. Explore our directory of teachers to find the perfect fit for your growth journey.

Discover B.U. Evolution

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Wide Range of Live Wellbeing Classes 

Join online from Anywhere in the world

Experienced & Professional Teachers

All in one monthly subscription of only £10

A word from our founder



Welcome to our teachers, clients, and partners.

I'd like to introduce you to B.U. Evolution.

A platform to maintain individual identity while evolving together as an organism.”

Our Concept

Try us out

You deserve to be happy. Become part of a living organism, where we can oscillate and grow together. Get out of your daily routine and into a new reality by connecting with other like-minded people.

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It's about YOU!

Enjoy unlimited access to our online classes with the:

£14.99 a month

Access all classes 

(Cancel Anytime)

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