A New Blueprint for A Conscious Evolution

You deserve to be happy. Become part of a living organism, where we can oscillate and grow together. Get out of your daily routine and into a new reality by connecting with other like minded people.

Over 100 LIVE wellbeing classes EVERY MONTH ! 

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Hi, I'm Anthony and I'm excited to share the BU-Evolution vision with you! 

During lockdown a bunch of friends got the realization that … there is scarcity of something very important in the online wellbeing world – the feeling of being part of a group, interaction and feeling of being connected.
Bu evolution's ambition is to be a wellbeing platform with a difference:
Firstly, as diverse as possible in our range of well-being tutorials, covering a wide spectrum of practices of live :

Yoga (various types) , Meditation, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Authentic Sharing Circling Events, Breathwork, Chakra Healing and more.

Secondly, a multicultural platform that's more to do with connectivity and expansion.

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The BU team currently includes people from countries including - Britain, Bulgaria, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Sweden and Lebanon.

Thirdly, as affordable as possible away from the mainstream market price ,including free trials & special offers. 

Last but not least, BU-Evolution is a world-stage for self expression, we want to create community feel, and as a community we can evolve together .

Tomorrow, we want to create a physical community in a beautiful heaven on earth that can welcome all our affiliates and members from every corner of the world.

PS : If you are passionate about our vision, a fully certified teacher in your chosen field or have special skills to volunteer and would like to join our team, then please contact us for more details.

Come and meet our teachers.

Vive l’ Evolution


Founder of BU-Evolution


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