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Welcome to the future of well-being

Can you imagine a place where you can sign up for a peaceful wake up meditation at 7am, a mid-morning energising Kundalini yoga class, a re-energising Qi Gong class in your lunch break and then an evening of beautiful mantra singing and authentic circle sharing? At BU Evolution this is all possible. And what’s better? Tomorrow is a whole new day full of even more enriching community classes.

What would this community, variety, peace, heart-opening, learning and life-changing platform be worth to you? £5 a class? £10/ class? Well at BU Evolution you pay just £10/ MONTH to access ALL classes. And there are over 120 a month waiting to be accessed.

Anthony Abis, the creator of BU wanted to bring together a community of teachers from around the globe onto one, affordable, inclusive and friendly platform.

BU brings together successful facilitators from all around the world. Take the Men’s circle facilitator for example Dr Wayne Carr.

Dr Carr is a licensed Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Writer, Blogger and Remote Viewer. He is the Executive Director of Enlightenment Institute, The Center for Growth & Healing. He has a holistic psychotherapy practice in Seattle and has led workshops worldwide. He has experience in Primal trauma therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy, Shadow work, Mankind Project men’s groups, mindfulness, consciousness, remote viewing, critical thinking, communication skills, nutrition, neurofeedback, and clinical psychology. Could you do with support moving through your next stages of emotional and spiritual development? Support in “shedding” your old skin (old identity, coping skills and view of the world)? What better man to hold the space for powerful development.

Or what about Jaijai who holds a weekly class named ‘The Alter’ where people come together in prayer and contemplation. Place whatever you like in the alter space or leave behind something that no longer serves you.

Jaijai is a proud mum of 3 and the owner of Darkness Retreat Africa where she hosts, nourishes and supports individual in deep journey. In her practices she used MARI Mandala drawing and Jungian symbolism.

And finally Finbarr, BU’s daily meditation facilitator. Finbarr was a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition for 21 years. As a monk he taught meditation in Thailand and he now teaches meditation as a layman at Brightheart Meditation Center in Hungary. The meditation practice he teaches on BU is for clearing and energizing the heart and radiating from this space an energy of peace.

So why not take control over your health now, and make friends along the way.

All classes are live, interactive and at all times if the day so you can join from anywhere around the world.

BU is offering a free 5 day pass to anybody interested in giving this unique platform experience a go. Click here to access today!

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